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Select a sensor based on your goals (outdoor, indoor or mobile monitoring), availability from our recommended vendors and your budget. Please note that you also need a PlanetWatch license to connect the sensor to our network and earn tokens.

Airqino / Type 1
Premium Outdoor Sensor

: PM2.5, NO2, O3, CO
Dimensions: 200x193 mm
Weight: 900 gr
Connectivity: SIM included


Arianna / Type 2
Consumer outdoor sensor

: PM2.5
Dimensions: 160x160x250 mm
Weight: 1300 gr
Connectivity: Wifi


Airqino / Type 1

An Innovative, professional air quality monitoring station developed by a research Institute. It includes sensors for the most harmful gases as well as particulate matter. 100% plug&play thanks to a SIM card included. External power supply required.

Parameters: PM2.5, NO2, O3, CO
Dimensions: 200x193 mm
Weight: 900 gr
Connectivity: SIM included
: Waterproof
Temperature range of use: -30 °C / 70 °C

Arianna/Type 2

An innovative device to monitor particulate matter. Check outdoor air quality by placing Arianna on your balcony or in your garden, in a sunny spot if possible (solar panel included).

Parameters: PM2.5
Dimensions with pot
: 160x160x250 mm
Dimensions without pot: 160x160x80 mm
Weight: 1300 g
WiFi. Bluetooth required for setup.
Waterproof, Solar panel included
Temperature range of use: -10 °C / 75 °C
BatteryDuration: In total absence of light the battery will last about a week; if the charge is low, Arianna simply cuts down on the measurements to reduce energy consumption.

Atmotube Pro

A portable monitoring device, including sensors for particulate matter and Volatile Organic Compounds. It can be attached to a backpack, bike, etc, to follow you and monitor the air you are breathing in your everyday life.

Parameters: PM2.5 and VOC
Dimensions: 86x50x22 mm
Weight: 104 gr
Battery Duration: 1-2 days
Connectivity: Bluetooth (Smartphone required)
Features: Recommended use with Android device

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