Earth Day: celebrating traction and removing friction!

Earth Day: celebrating traction and removing friction!  

Dear PlanetWatchers,

Today people worldwide celebrate the life and beauty of our Planet and reflect upon the need to protect our ecosystem. PlanetWatchers do this every day, knowing that the time to act is now!

Our project is gaining significant traction. We have received a lot of interest from people across the world as well as from corporate entities that are happy to promote the deployment of air quality sensors and encourage environmental awareness.

Time to grow faster

Traction means pressure. We need to enhance our processes and remove friction. Our sensors are selling like hot cakes. We have recently sold 50 Type 2 Arianna sensors in three days, which means they are sold out once again. We are working towards streamlining the processes to be able to supply Type 1, 2 and 3 sensors to US-based PlanetWatchers as fast as we can. This is the time to put the pedal on the metal and meet the increasing  sensor demand faster. What’s more, we haven’t been able to onboard PlanetWatchers based in Asia and other regions of the world, due to logistics, customs, compliance and related challenges.

But as they say, ‘you live and learn’. We have now come up with a strategy to remove bottlenecks  and streamline our development. The basic idea is: we focus on what we do best, and build a network of partners to help us deal with challenges and step up a gear.

What we do best and will keep doing

We have built a complex IT infrastructure which enables:

–          Sensor registration on the PlanetWatch network,

–          Collection of data streams from thousands of sensors,

–          Air quality data recording on the Algorand blockchain,

–          Advanced data analysis and delivery via mobile and web apps,

–          Delivery of Planet rewards and collectible NFTs to sensor owners.

In addition, we have developed a rigorous sensor testing system to decide which sensors we approve for PlanetWatch use, based on their specs and performance (ref. Type 1, 2, 3, 4 classification in the White Paper).

Our focus is on improving and further developing all of the above.

What we’ll outsource and decentralize

As a small company, selling hardware worldwide in a centralized manner, shipping, dealing with customs, etc., is a very challenging process where we add no value. For this reason, we are paving the way for PlanetWatchers to buy approved sensors directly from the manufacturer or from a local dealer of their choice. This will remove a lot of friction from our onboarding process – you will be able to select your favorite supplier, get faster deliveries and local support, profit from Black Friday discounts, etc. Last but not least, we believe that decentralizing hardware sales will also reduce the carbon footprint of the PlanetWatch onboarding process!

PlanetWatch licenses

Until now, all sensors connected to PlanetWatch were sold by our company. Once you bought the sensor, you had the right to connect it to PlanetWatch straight away. But the news is that we will move gradually to a new system:

·        PlanetWatchers will be able to buy sensors from third-party resellers and manufacturers.

·       To connect sensors to PlanetWatch, you will be first required to purchase an annual license from us.

This new arrangement will enable PlanetWatch to cover infrastructure costs, while you will be totally free to look for the best price for your sensor and the most reliable merchant.

Please note that the above changes will be introduced gradually, over time. Nothing changes overnight!

If you already own a PlanetWatch sensor, don’t worry: you will be granted a free, perpetual license for your sensor.

We believe our new hardware policy is bound to be a game changer. It’ll speed up PlanetWatch adoption by making it easier to buy an approved sensor wherever you live. Last but not least It will also help us focus on our core business.

Keep watching, and Happy Earth Day!

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