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This license enables connecting  a Type 4 device (such as Atmotube PRO) to the PlanetWatch network and earning Planet rewards in return for data streams.


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All licenses are non-transferable, i.e. once you link it to a specific sensor, it cannot be used later on for a different sensor. For details of Planet potential earnings please refer to the White Paper.

License validity period starts when the license is first linked to a sensor. So, you can buy your license at any time, even before you get your sensor, as the counter won’t start until you link it to your sensor.

Only approved sensors must be linked to an active PlanetWatch license in order to connect to our network and earn rewards.

Use of licenses is regulated by our license agreement.

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8 reviews for Type 4 License

  1. Mohamed Dongla (verified owner)

    Looks interesting

  2. Alex Ingham (verified owner)

    If you’ve purchased an Atmotube Pro, this is the product you want. Sync it with your Atmotube and Planetwatch apps, and boom, you’re contributing to the network. Great product.

  3. Rodney P. (verified owner)

    Very Easy, and fast Email was registered by time I got my Device. literally plug and play

  4. Joseph Johnson


    • Sara Di Civita

      Hi Joseph, we’ve answered your ticket the same day you opened it, asking you for more information for your purchasing issue, but we never hear from you back…

  5. Fae Parisier

    I’m from Canada. I received my Atmotube Pro yesterday, i thought that i could quickly buy the license online once it arrived. Lo and behold the only payment option is by planets now. That wasn’t much of a concern to me until i realised that i have to jump through hoops upon hoops to exchange and get this just to pay. Much more complicated and confusing then anything i’d had to pay by crypto before. I’m waiting for a reply from customer service so we’ll see.

    • Sara Di Civita

      On planetwatch.us you can still pay the licenses with PayPal

  6. G (verified owner)

    How long does it take to purchase a license in the US? I placed my order at 12:50 PM EST (2 hours ago) and I still can’t use my new Atmotube Pro I just received this morning.

  7. Thomas Ravensberg (verified owner)

    In the US, love this project, love how they are using the blockchain to store IoT data and super stoked to see where this goes. Only negative is it takes some knowledge of phones (a second one really) to make the data link stay live 24/7 but outside that I have had 0 issues with my setup.

  8. Jacques Yeoh

    why does the price of the license got hiked so much???
    I’ve purchased the device 2 weeks ago, at that time the license fee per year is USD42.
    I was thinking about purchasing the license later once the device arrived.

    Just received it today, and noticed ONLY can use PNT token to purchase.
    Currently its 0.63USD @ 19 July 2021 according to BitFinex, and the license costs 361.41 PNT to purchase, which is equivalent to around 232USD.

    A jump of pricing from $42 to $232 is more than 5x increase. Now i’ve left with 2 devices and trying to explain to my other friend. I wont purchase the license for anything more than 42USD per year that it originally stated.

    Please provide a clear explanation without replying me to log a ticket. The transparency should be here as well

    • Sara Di Civita

      We have not increased the license prices. Furthermore, you still can purchase via PayPal on planetwatch.us, you just need to switch the table on the left of the screen from PLANETS to USD and you’ll be able to see that the prices are the same as before.
      Finally, our token is called PLANET not PNT: you were checking the wrong token.

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